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      1. Welcome to Rock Digital Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

        our products

        Focus on technical research and development application services in block chain

        block chain smart contract customization service

        Digital cryptographic asset trading system

        Digital encryption asset wallet system

        digital encrypted asset consumption mall system

        digital cryptographic asset trading and moving brick robot system

        Digital encrypted asset block browser

        Product advantages

        Safeguards data security

        Bank level user data encryption, dynamic authentication, multi-level risk identification control, guarantee transaction security;
        Wallet multi-layer encryption, offline cold storage, cloud encryption, GuGe double authentication, ensure fund security.

        Support multi-currency development

        The system supports both Chinese and English, with multiple functional modules, customized development and multi-currency development.

        Supports high concurrency

        High performance, high concurrency professional high speed matching engine, based on high frequency concurrent trading design, stable support large data volume.

        Rapid deployment, lightweight architecture

        B/S architecture, implementation information real-time push, K line data updated faster, with multiple depth data, the market, trading can be displayed with the screen, implementation simple.

        One-stop service

        Provide a complete set of solutions, such as platform construction station, customized development, post-maintenance, operation support, server purchasing, SSL certification and other one-stop services.

        Our Team

        Panshi digital technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ("RockCoin& Panshi technology"), the company is located in the Shenzhen high-tech park software industry base, is a block chain technology application service provider, to provide the global users with block chain products and industry solutions to meet the needs of different users of the scene of the new demand for service. A professional company.
        The core members of the company are from the field of industrial and information-based block chain, which are in urgent need of qualified personnel, Internet, finance, and senior enthusiasts in the digital assets industry. The team has a rich experience in project research and development management. It has a major in product innovation research and development, software development implementation, system maintenance services and so on. Technical strength.
        At present, in the area of block chain digital assets, we can realize the service of block chain intelligent contract customization, digital asset trading system development, digital asset management system, wallet development, digital asset consumer commercial city system development, digital asset quantitative trading system development and block chain browser development.
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        zero-knowledge proof 零知識證明是什么?

        zero-knowledge proof 零知識證明是什...

        zero-knowledge proof,中文名為零知識證明,是零幣(Zcoin)使用的共識算法,由S.Goldwasser、S.M...

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        To learn more about our company, please contact our sales team.

        Shenzhen. High-tech Park


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